I have been bitten on more than one occasion with a forgotten curly brace or missing comma in a puppet manifest. So, I wrote a little git post-commit script that will validate all manifests in a repo. I have tested it on a repo with ~60 modules and ~400 manifests, and it only adds a little bit of latency to committing (less than 1s on my system with the email disabled).

I still like to use continuous integration via Travis or Jenkins to run smoke tests, spec tests, and lint. This post-commit commit script just provides some quick feedback for syntax errors.


Jenkins Windows Slave with Git

Tue 27 September 2011 by tvd

There are some articles out there about setting up Jenkins slaves on Windows. This is one more, with a bunch of information about configuring Git. The documentation for setting up Git to work well with Jenkins is surprisingly sparse and the process is extremely frustrating (in my experience). Hopefully this …

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