I recently removed the linux partition from my desktop. I had a linux partition, but it made sense to just use one windows partition and run linux in a vm.

Removing the partition is not a big deal. I just used the Windows Disk Management tool to remove the linux partition and expand the windows partition accordingly. I tried to fix the master boot record before rebooting, since GRUB was no longer required. Upon restart, however, I was met with a vague partition error followed by the grub restore prompt.

To remedy this problem so that windows would boot:

  • Boot from Windows 7 install disk.
  • Try Startup Repair (though it probably won't work) in 'Repair your computer' > 'System Recovery Options'.
  • Reboot - if it still doesn't work, return to 'System Recovery Options' menu.
  • Open command prompt.
bootrec.exe /fixmbr
  • Reboot - it should boot directly to Windows 7.

Jenkins Windows Slave with Git

Tue 27 September 2011 by tvd

There are some articles out there about setting up Jenkins slaves on Windows. This is one more, with a bunch of information about configuring Git. The documentation for setting up Git to work well with Jenkins is surprisingly sparse and the process is extremely frustrating (in my experience). Hopefully this …

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